Lin (linwenilid) wrote in ringbearer_org,

[14] Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers BASES

Attention: These are 120x120px icons, so they won't work on LJ, unless you resize them. They're meant for RB 'cause the board allows up to 125x125px ones. 

The rest are in this gallery.

This bases are ready for you to add text, brushes, borders, and whatever embellishment you can think of. But... if I'm allowed to make a request, leave the colours as they are. That is the part in which I worked hard with these pictures, and I'd appreciate you liked them as well. Not a rule, though. Add as many light textures, gradients, etc., as you like, but do consider my request before doing so. :)

UPDATE: Just 'cause I'm that anal, I cropped the icons to 100px2. Here they are, to be used in LJ.

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