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OK, here's what I've done: 

- I modified the community interests, so now it looks fuller. Take a look.  :) Anything I should add, please let me know by posting here.

- I tried to upgrade the comm to Sponsored+, so it gives us 1GB-space scrapbook, and a couple more thingies, but I've been unable. I'm starting to fear it's not possible. I asked for the site support, and should be getting an answer anytime soon. :) 

UPDATE: Nope, it's not possible. :( It appears to be they're still discussing it, and communities can only upgrade to Paid Account. So, if anyone of you has about 3 extra dollars, (and a credit card) to help out, it's much appreciated. Or we can wait until they sort out the Sponsored+ thingy, you decide.

- If I have time this weekend, I'll make a banner or something to put on the Bio part. Suggestions on good pictures to make icons and banners from? Come on people, put me to work!

And that's pretty much it. Any suggestion, just comment. :)
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