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Paid account expiring [28 Nov 2006|02:18pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Guys, I got this on the mail today.

The Ringbearer LJ,

Your LiveJournal paid account for user "ringbearer_org" is expiring in 12
days, at which time it'll revert to its previous status.

To keep using all the cool features of your paid account, visit this link
to renew:


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us by replying to
this email.  We want to keep you happy.  :)

LiveJournal Team

I don't think we should renew this one, because we've hardly used any of the 'cool features'.

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Apologies, all. [08 Sep 2006|05:41pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Dear friends:

I would like to apologise for being away the very moment the chance of expressing our opinions was granted (the Shelob forum), but it was an awful coincidence that I had to do extra work that very week, and was assigned a new position with new responsibilities, which was an unstable situation for a few days. I really couldn't do online stuff in a while, sorry. But I knew each and every one of you were more than capable to answer to their questions, and you did it just fine, guys.

Honestly, though, I don't feel like going back to RB at all. I've found (as M1 also said herself) another home in the 'net, and I feel good being there, and additionally, I just don't have the time right now to be active on the forums, which is the reason why I'm more involved in this other forum's activities, which don't require me to make posts to be known. And yeah, perhaps I have a sore spot with a mod regarding my last post on RB, but that's another issue.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your support, and congratulations on what we achieved. Let us never forget that together we're stronger than alone.

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I'm a bit worried [14 Aug 2006|07:57pm]

Has anyone heard from Lin lately?

It's been very quiet and I'm starting to get a bit worried.
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Friend-locking posts [26 Jul 2006|05:09pm]

Guys, please let me know if you can see the previous post with the first draft of the letter. I friend-locked it, so it's supposed to show for every member of this community.

Niamh, I invited you as a member, so you can see f-locked entries. You can decline the invitation, or un-invite yourself anytime after. :)
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Disrupting behaviour on RB [24 Jul 2006|08:26am]

I'm sure several people have noticed that there is something wrong with Ringbearer.Org, that place which used to be a safe haven for us to meet and talk. To be honest, I did think I was being too sensitive regarding IarwainBenAdar's behaviour, but it turns out it's not my thing alone. Our dear MerryOne has chosen to leave the place, after raising her voice to protest for his attitude, and not being given justice. And, upon her creating this post, it turned out to be a big problem that's bothering more people than it seemed.

So, I think we should say something, and be prepared to go to the final consequences to right this wrong. It shouldn't matter that 'IBA' is the oldest member around, or that he makes financial contributions to the site; as far as it appeared to be, Ringbearer's Code of Conduct was for all members, not only new ones without a credit card.

Here are the relevant parts. I'm sure 'IBA' will be identified as an aggressor of the following:

"BEHAVE YOURSELF. Debate in a thoughtful, respectful manner at all times. Treat other people you encounter in forums just as you would treat them in person -politely."

"When expressing a dissenting viewpoint, please be careful how it is phrased. No bashing, ridicule, or slander will be tolerated."


So, please, state your opinions and help writing a letter to the mods, to make our point clear, so they can finally do something about it. Even if you could not care less about what happens on RB from now on, be supportive. I'm sure it's better if this goes as a group thing rather than as one, isolated, disgruntled member picking it at the site's management.
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30 more icons for LJ [20 Jun 2006|06:30pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

30 more icons for LJ (100x100px). You can mess with them if you want, they're bases. Added to the existing gallery.
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Icons for RB (125x125px) [16 Jun 2006|07:03pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey guys. I made a couple more icons, but these are 125px2, to be used on RB. They're on the same gallery from last time.

Take as you wish, and spread the news! :D

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A New Layout We Do Have [15 Jun 2006|05:43pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

We have a new layout!

A far better one than what we previously had. The links and text are easier to see.

Once I've got the galleries sorted out..a happy lil chipmunk I will be! =D


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[15 Jun 2006|03:01pm]

[ mood | confused ]

How do I go about creating and then uploading to a gallery for this LJ community?

When I created this LJ community...I needed to have a normal account first. So I made one..which is my merryone01 account.

Anyway...everytime that I try to create and upload to a gallery for this RB LJ...I get an error message stating that I need to upgrade to either a sponsored or paid account..it only seems to recognise my merryone01 LJ (which is a free account)..rather than the RB one (which I might add..is a paid account).

I don't have to get a paid account for my merryone01 LJ will I? I sure hope not..as I'll not be posting in it anyway. 

So if anyone does know how to go about creating galleries for this RB LJ...please be so kind as to tell me how!

Thanks. =)



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To Create Or Not To Create? [12 Jun 2006|10:30pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone! =D

Now that we have a paid LJ account =D I have been thinking of creating some galleries. They would contain LOTR related avatars and other LOTR themed material..such as wallpapers etc.

I have collected quite a few LOTR avatars over the past few months..but have not kept the names of the people who originally created them..so credit will unable to be given unfortunately.

So I am in a bit of a quandary now. I would like to have some LOTR galleries in this LJ..yet I also do not want to offend anyone who may stumble across it...and see that their graphics are being used..without due credit being given.

Anyone who may be able to offer any advice here..it would be much appreciated!

Oh! Also if you happen to create your own LOTR avatars..or any type of avatars..and would like to have them added to a gallery in this LJ..let me know!.


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Thankyou Niamh! [10 Jun 2006|07:11pm]

[ mood | happy ]

A huge big thankyou to the ever so wonderful Niamh! =D

RB's LJ now has a 6 month paid account! 

I did not expect this..so I am very grateful to you Niamh! Thanks so much! :hug:

And a big thanks also to Linwen..who has recently become a Mod for the LJ..and has helped alot already =D

Now..to wander off and find all the new features that having a paid account provides! =D

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[14] Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers BASES [08 Jun 2006|04:53pm]

[ mood | yay. ]

Attention: These are 120x120px icons, so they won't work on LJ, unless you resize them. They're meant for RB 'cause the board allows up to 125x125px ones. 

The rest are in this gallery.

This bases are ready for you to add text, brushes, borders, and whatever embellishment you can think of. But... if I'm allowed to make a request, leave the colours as they are. That is the part in which I worked hard with these pictures, and I'd appreciate you liked them as well. Not a rule, though. Add as many light textures, gradients, etc., as you like, but do consider my request before doing so. :)

UPDATE: Just 'cause I'm that anal, I cropped the icons to 100px2. Here they are, to be used in LJ.

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Changes [08 Jun 2006|10:36am]

[ mood | Aww... ]

OK, here's what I've done: 

- I modified the community interests, so now it looks fuller. Take a look.  :) Anything I should add, please let me know by posting here.

- I tried to upgrade the comm to Sponsored+, so it gives us 1GB-space scrapbook, and a couple more thingies, but I've been unable. I'm starting to fear it's not possible. I asked for the site support, and should be getting an answer anytime soon. :) 

UPDATE: Nope, it's not possible. :( It appears to be they're still discussing it, and communities can only upgrade to Paid Account. So, if anyone of you has about 3 extra dollars, (and a credit card) to help out, it's much appreciated. Or we can wait until they sort out the Sponsored+ thingy, you decide.

- If I have time this weekend, I'll make a banner or something to put on the Bio part. Suggestions on good pictures to make icons and banners from? Come on people, put me to work!

And that's pretty much it. Any suggestion, just comment. :)

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[08 Jun 2006|10:24pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello and welcome to our new members! =D

Thanks for joining our merry band of RB'ers here!

Now..I would like something from you all. =P

Ideas! Of what you would like to have in this here lil community.

Do you make avatars? Or any other LOTR related graphics? Would you like to show them off to our other members?

I think we could also do with a better layout. As the text on this one is not clear enough to read. If anyone has seen a LOTR themed layout that would look good here..then please let me know!

But most of all...have fun and keep on smiling! =D

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Welcome! [19 May 2006|04:53pm]

Hello and welcome to the new rendition of the Ringbearer.Org Livejournal! 

This journal can be used as a way to keep in touch with other RB'ers...especially during the occasional RB glitches! Or it can be used as another avenue for you to post about anything you like! 

Well..almost anything you like. =P It would be appreciated if the same rules which apply to RB itself..were also applied here. Basically..be nice and respectful to eachother...no slandering or fighting..or we shall just have to bring out the cloning machine..and clone our very own Spanky! And we all know what he can do! =)

Most of all..have fun! If you have any questions or suggestions..then please don't hesitate to let us know!
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Welcome [19 May 2006|04:33am]

Hello everyone.

This is my simple greeting to all of you who join the new Ringbearer.org LiveJournal community.

Hope you enjoy your time here.
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