Lin (linwenilid) wrote in ringbearer_org,

Disrupting behaviour on RB

I'm sure several people have noticed that there is something wrong with Ringbearer.Org, that place which used to be a safe haven for us to meet and talk. To be honest, I did think I was being too sensitive regarding IarwainBenAdar's behaviour, but it turns out it's not my thing alone. Our dear MerryOne has chosen to leave the place, after raising her voice to protest for his attitude, and not being given justice. And, upon her creating this post, it turned out to be a big problem that's bothering more people than it seemed.

So, I think we should say something, and be prepared to go to the final consequences to right this wrong. It shouldn't matter that 'IBA' is the oldest member around, or that he makes financial contributions to the site; as far as it appeared to be, Ringbearer's Code of Conduct was for all members, not only new ones without a credit card.

Here are the relevant parts. I'm sure 'IBA' will be identified as an aggressor of the following:

"BEHAVE YOURSELF. Debate in a thoughtful, respectful manner at all times. Treat other people you encounter in forums just as you would treat them in person -politely."

"When expressing a dissenting viewpoint, please be careful how it is phrased. No bashing, ridicule, or slander will be tolerated."


So, please, state your opinions and help writing a letter to the mods, to make our point clear, so they can finally do something about it. Even if you could not care less about what happens on RB from now on, be supportive. I'm sure it's better if this goes as a group thing rather than as one, isolated, disgruntled member picking it at the site's management.
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