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To Create Or Not To Create?

Hello everyone! =D

Now that we have a paid LJ account =D I have been thinking of creating some galleries. They would contain LOTR related avatars and other LOTR themed material..such as wallpapers etc.

I have collected quite a few LOTR avatars over the past few months..but have not kept the names of the people who originally created credit will unable to be given unfortunately.

So I am in a bit of a quandary now. I would like to have some LOTR galleries in this LJ..yet I also do not want to offend anyone who may stumble across it...and see that their graphics are being used..without due credit being given.

Anyone who may be able to offer any advice would be much appreciated!

Oh! Also if you happen to create your own LOTR avatars..or any type of avatars..and would like to have them added to a gallery in this LJ..let me know!.


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